Spontaneous Problems

Spontaneous Practice Problems

**We plan to add several new practice problems over the next couple of months. Please enjoy the five new verbal problems added on 12.9.18 and be on the lookout for more problems!**

Verbal Problem – Zombie Prom (new)

Verbal Problem – Let’s Make A Deal (new)

Verbal Problem – Millions (new)

Verbal Problem – Omer’s Amusement Park (new)

Verbal Problem – people and places (new)

Verbal Problem Bubble Gate

Verbal Problem King Purrsalot

Verbal Problem Never Have I Ever

Verbal Problem What Goes Up Must Come Down

Verbal – If You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scrath Yours

Verbal – Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Verbal – Smell the Roses

Verbal – Black and White

Verbal – Up and Down

Verbal – Hot Potato

Verbal – Christmas Hide and Seek

Verbal- What Do You Do With That

Verbal – It’s Nice to Be Nice

Verbal – The Chameleon

Verbal – Pinterest For Omer

A Piece of Cake

Verbal – Wacky House

Verbal – It All Adds Up

Verbal – Fish Out of Water

Verbal – Fast Forward

Verbal – Christmas for Omer

 Verbal – Rolling Along

Verbal – Historical Facebook

Verbal – Let’s Do The Twist

Verbal-Dumb as a Rock

Verbal – Turn It Up

Verbal – Odyssey Costume Party

Verbal – STATE of Confusion

Verbal – Many Ways to Crack an Egg

Verbal – Clean Slate

Verbal – Double Up

Verbal – Tall Tales

Verbal – What Is It

Verbal – Omer to the Rescue

Verbal-Happy Heroes

Verbal – Rhyme Time

Verbal – Why Did the Team Cross the Road

Verbal-Where in the World is Omer Sandiego

Verbal – Global Warming

Verbal – Inside Out

Verbal – Blast From the Past


Verbal Hands On – Color It In

Verbal Hands On – Extreme Makeover: Odyssey Edition

Verbal Hands On – New Location

Verbal Hands On – Coming Attractions

Verbal Hands On – Combo Improv

Verbal Hands On – New Uses

Verbal Hands On – Breaking News

Verbal Hands On – Combination Improv

Verbal Hands On – Time Capsule

Verbal Hands On – Night at the Museum

Verbal Hands-On – One Mans Trash…

Verbal Hands On – Pipe Cleaner Improv

Hands On – Crossing The Line

Hands On – Sort It Out

Hands On – Bowling Odyssey Style

Hands On – The Split Up

Back Together Again

Hands On – Omer’s Delivery Service

Hands On – Don’t Hate, Communicate

Hands On – Make It Fit

Pair ‘Em Up

Hands On – Long Arm

Hands On – Bucket Ball

Hands-on – Moving Along

Hands-On – Push It To the Limits

Hands On – Set It Free

Hands On – Balancing Act

Hands On – Ricochet

Hands On – Hidden Treasure

Archive of 2010-11 Spontaneous Problems


13 Responses to Spontaneous Problems

  1. Susan Kral says:

    Wow, your website and spontaneous problems are great. Love the variety of spontaneous problems and the “For Judges Only” section of each. More than one coach is using your website as a resource.

    Good luck to your teams going to Maryland!

    Sarasota Christian School
    Sarasota, FL

    • Susan,

      Thanks so much for your compliments! Glad to know teams are using the problems I’ve written. I plan to get a few more up on the site before World Finals!

      Thanks again,


      Allen Ball
      Association Director
      TN Odyssey of the Mind

  2. Lorna Calaway says:

    These are super spontaneous practice problems! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Amanda says:

    Great job! I really love these problems and am planning on using them in my classroom to encourage mroe creative thinking!

  4. Darci Craven says:

    Thanks for the fun new ideas,
    Darci Jo Craven, DSM Iowa

  5. Deanna (from Singapore) says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the ideas. Love using it with the teams.

  6. Alison says:

    This is a terrific resource. Thank you for posting all of these problems. Omers are the best!

  7. Michelle Turnwald says:

    I love your spontaneous problems. Thank you so much. I did the Odyssey Bowling style with my division 2 team & my division 3 team. Neither of the teams came up with a good solutions. What are your thoughts on solving this problem. Thanks again.

  8. Kirthika says:

    Neat! Thanks for the examples!

  9. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much! I am a first time coach of a very young team. These problems are so diverse, it really helps us to see all the possibilities for spontaneous.

  10. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the great spontaneous resources! I like yours best of all because they use the “standard” language and I think that really helps the teams get accustomed to the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are getting ready to do a spontaneous workshop for all of our teams next Saturday and these problems are a big help!

  11. Nikki says:

    Thanks! These are all great ideas. I am planning on using this as a boost.

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