Calling all TN Odyssey Alumni! Please visit the Odyssey Alumni website and sign up to help out with Odyssey. If you are living outside of TN, please also sign up because the state you are living in can definitely use your help! If you are living in TN, I definitely would love to have you come volunteer at our tournament. By signing up, you will receive information on volunteer opportunities. 

Check out our brand new Tennessee Odyssey of the Mind Facebook Page here. Please like our page to get all of the latest news and information delivered to your news feed.

Tennessee team and Association Director featured in the Odyssey of the Mind Newsletter. Read the inspiring story of this team here

3 Responses to News

  1. Austin Quarles says:

    The problems sound really interesting this year!

    My Odyssey years were such a pivitol and amazing tpime in my life. My friends and I still talk about our problems and our trip to worlds and states.

    I hope the program is still doing well!

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